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1969 – 1989: Foundation

Our company started as a consultancy, aimed at equipping offices of architects and engineers in eastern European countries with state-of-the-art western technical drawing equipment and furniture, including integral concepts and solutions for the modern creative workspace.

The name “Svenska Interorga” is derived from the words “International" and "Organisation"and our home-base in Sweden.

2010 – current:

Today, Svenska Interorga presents itself as a lean company with  experience and solid expertise within the fields of international marketing and consultancy on creative work- and learningspaces, both in established and emerging global markets.

Due to both generational succession within our company and the general trends of globalization, we again find ourselves in a process of re-orientation: In addition to further developing our established fields of practice, we intend to work more on activities with a social  and educational responsible focus.

1990 – 2010: Diversification

The fall of the iron curtain led to dramatic changes to the market structure in Europe, which, combined with the increasing digitalization of office work, including the introduction of new computer aided design & manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies and, with time, web-connectivity, meant that Svenska Interorga needed a new business orientation. In this period, our company therefore expanded its outreach globally, to include clients in Latin American, East-Asian and Western-European markets and we expanded our product portfolio through innovative products for many different sectors, such as healthcare, mobility and the arts.